Test Score for Do You Have an "Addictive" Personality?

You may be at risk for substitute-seeking behaviors in the form of certain drugs, chemicals, habits, beliefs, etc. You may be hooked now, or prone to fall down this path soon.

The addictive personality is often created by circumstance, life experiences, or genes. Some people are prone to seek "short cut" solutions to feeling good, or alleviating pain. As a result, a short-term solution quickly becomes a self-defeating habit. It is harder to quit than to resist in the first place.

A red flag has been planted at your feet. The alert has sounded. Aside from being unhealthy, addictions are frequently illegal and dangerous.

It is up to you now...to seek further info on substance abuse, risk-taking obsessions, and self-defeating behavior. No uncontrolled craving is harmless, no habit unconquerable.

Seek guidance.

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