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Alien Adoptee

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As you curiously embrace the small life form, a stream-of-consciousness is enacted, engulfing you both in a telepathic web.

Our communion enhances me. The language of thought increases.

"Y-yes, I am understanding you better. But...where do you come from?"

That info is later. My powers are returning. Now we must hide.

The edges of Space appear to wrinkle all around you, sucking up the immediate locale into a bubble of darkness. You're able to think and see and hear, but the surrounding terrain of the fallen ship has become opaque. You can see through it, but from the outside your world is intangible...phantom-like, unseen.

The exertion of its mental might drains the color from the alien's frame. Unfortunately, the thing in your grasp has attempted too much -- too soon. Despite its former surge in recovery, it declines again into crisis. A weakening gasp is emitted from its struggling body. It starts to undergo a muscle seizure while still in your arms.


Lay it quickly upon the ground.

Hold it more tightly, comfortingly.


The alien's sudden release from your life-strengthening hold causes an escalation of physical chaos. Uncontrollable destruction results, followed by immediate death.

...The End!

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Gradually the horrific spasms begin to subside. The creature clings in fragile slumber against your body. The police and fire trucks hustle around your rural cabin, extinguishing the fire racing through your home. All the while you remain unseen to the rescue team as they search for the occupant -- you. Sealed off in your bubble of silence, you remain sitting cross-legged on the grass outside. Your alien "adoptee" continues to slumber, on your lap, in silent peace. You feel the awareness of its growing energies. You can sense its inner awakening, even in sleep. For now, within its semi-conscious state, the alien dreams, secretly...of you.

...The End!

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