How creative are you?

How creative are you?

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Choose the appropriate answer to each question...
1. Do you like to doodle?
2. How would you describe yourself?
3. Is it easy for you to see strange or realistic "cloud shapes"?
4. Can you think of a useful thing to do with a paperclip, other than using it for clipping things?
5. Do you frequently write personal essays, poems, or short stories?
6. Do you like to imagine unique situations? Do you often daydream?
7. Would you describe yourself as sensitive?
8. Do you have a strong desire to be original?
9. Do you question the status quo?
10. Do you often hold conflicting thoughts at the same time?
11. Can you focus and concentrate on something for a long time? Can you visualize easily?
12. Are you detail-oriented, or would you rather see the big picture?

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Creative Answers:

75 % or above ...You are very creative. The evidence from your personality, outlook, and history suggests you like to put ideas together to forge unique combinations, unusual insights, and clever perspectives. Your mind is sensitive and ingenious...often this leads you to invent new ways of doing things, and to solve difficult problems. At other times, your mental sensitivity may bury you too deeply into life's mysteries...or cause you to alienate others.

50 - 67% ...You like to tinker with ideas and often have a unique ability to take apart issues. For the most part, however, you like to stick with the focus more on logic and practicality, rather than trying to invent a better mousetrap.

under 50 % ...You tend to be suspicious of unusual ideas, fantastic notions, or untested designs. You are basically stable and into commonsense...however, if you wish to be more creative, all it takes is an openness of thought -- and a little practice.

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