Java Egg Quiz

If your love is an egg, what kind of creature is going to hatch out of it, when the shell eventually ripens?

...And, more importantly, will it fly?

1. Do you wish to find true love, and/or keep your love (if you have it now)?


I prefer not to be in love. It's too painful.

I seem prone to hurting those who love me. It's a psychological problem.

My long-term relationship or marriage has ended in complete disaster.

2. Do you enjoy life?

Yes, most of the time.

I have been blue for a very long time.

I feel hostility about life. I alienate my friends and family.

I often believe in nothing.

3. What kind of person are you developing into?

A regretful, stressed-out creature.

The verdict is still out. Life's a challenge. I am dealing with it.

Someone who is disturbed, uncertain, afraid.

A criminal. A drug-dealer. A thief.

4. Do you feel that love (of family, friends, or mate) has helped you?

It has hindered.

No one loves unselfishly. There's always a motive. So with that disclaimer...yeah, maybe.

Sure it has helped!

Love has too many shackles.

5. Are you able to love with passion? ...And with intimacy?

Yes, I am. Or at least have the potential.

Sexual passion, yes. Intimacy is too long a word.

I feel conflicted. Even if the person is good. Even if we're married. I feel...constrained.

No, I am not.

6. Have I learned anything from life, anything to help me? be Number One. To get my own way. To out-flank my competitors.

Nothing of true value, no.

I have learned about some of my weaknesses...some of my strengths. That can be useful.

I have learned only failure.

7. Do you still have dreams?

Only at night.

No...I have given up my dreams.

Dreams belong to the idealistic...the immature.

I still have dreams.

8. Are you proud of your accomplishments?

Sure, at least some of the time.

I am disgusted by them.

I feel like a total loser.

How can I be proud of them, when they've gone unrecognized?

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