Your score - Do you come from Earth?

Steady yourself. The time has come to accept the Truth.

Believe it or not (according to most of your responses), you're a transplant from Neptune.

No birth certificate. Strange dreams. Adopted (since you don't resemble your parents).

The evidence is clear.

You arrived here on Earth from your native world, as an alien migrant...with amnesia. You were just a kid at the time, adopted by a family that was "programmed" to raise you. You belong to a group of extra-terrestrials hidden in Earth's population.

If you listen, you can hear Them calling to you.

The time of reckoning has fallen. You must seek out your brothers and sisters...and finally unite.

This information has been recorded by the government in top secret files accessible only to Quiz Stop. (Now that you're aware, please continue taking quizzes.)

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