Your results - Through whose eyes do you See?

The eyes you see through may have "psychological" cataracts.

That's 'cause you may see through eyes you really don't want to see through, either at yourself or life in general.

(To give just a few examples, you will probably look bad through the eyes of the following people...)

Someone who doesn't like you.

Someone who's always critical.

Someone who's a pessimist.

Someone who wants to sabotage your self-esteem.

You could add to the above list...but why would you want to? After all, it appears you've already got your share (of cataracts, so to speak.) So if you wish to dispel the cobwebs, then slowly close those "other" peepers.

And, calmly, open 'em (your own eyes) once again.

See past the old scars. Instead, survey yourself (and your life) through the eyes of a Friend.

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