Your result - Do you Flirt without knowing it?

Either you flirt deliberately (and, maybe, a lot) or you don't flirt much at all. But in any case, you know what you're doing.

People who flirt unconsciously often get surprised by sudden advances. A deliberate flirt will smile; someone who doesn't flirt will show disinterest, or turn away. If you blush, however, you are sending mixed signals -- a blush reveals embarassment, but is also sexually attractive.

When it comes to getting either crave it (gold or platinum) or shun it (wood). Silver or bronze are sort of...half and half.

If people claim you dress or act in a sexy manner...there is probably a grain of truth to it. If you deny it, you could be fooling yourself. If you admit it, you most likely do it purposefully. If no one claims it about you, you're probably not the flirting type.

If you're NOT romantically confused by your casual or close friends, chances are no "unconscious" signals are being exchanged.

In conclusion: whether you're a flirt or not, it's probably NOT "unintentional."

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