Java Flirt Quiz

Are you a Public Flirt?

Eight questions to discover your Flirting factor!

1. Do you like to wear provocative clothing?


I prefer to bundle up.

That's for private circumstances.

I try to keep a low profile.

2. Do you turn people's heads?

Yes, but they turn away from me!

Not particularly.


Yes...especially the heads of the opposite sex.

3. Do you enjoy "risque" jokes?

I never heard of that word.

Depends on the punch line.

They're definitely no-no's for me.

Socially, not acceptable.

4. Do you enjoy tossing your hair or lightly touching your clothes with the opposite sex?

I would find no thrill in that.

Only if it furthers the cause of Social Justice.

Yes, it sort of draws me.

That would be embarrassing.

5. Are you able to approach the opposite sex with boldness?

Only if I know him (or her).

Too shy for that.

In a word -- sure!

I try to drop subtle hints.

6. Do you generally like to be the center of attention?

I strive for social acceptance...but not popularity.

I prefer making my mark on the world through creative works, etc.

I enjoy the social admiration of others.

I am more "behind-the-scenes".

7. When you and your Crush go out, do you joke and laugh alot?

We stay inside, mostly.

Out dates are kept serious, or quiet, in public.

We always have a blast!

Crush is a verb, not a person.

8. Do you kiss a lot in public?



We do more than kiss.

We keep it to ourselves.

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