Will He (or She) Drop You like a Hot Potato?

SPLAT. That's the sound of a potato hitting the floor. SPLAT.

SPLAT. SPLAT. SPLAT. That's in your future, unless this quiz is wrong. Someday, at the first sign of trouble, your partner, playmate, companion, and Huggable Polar Bear...

...will cut and run.

You'll be dropped like a hot potato, peeled of your pride. Crying like a skinned onion.

What "sign" of trouble? Putting your foot down. Demanding a commitment. Needing him (or her) for life. Or catching him (or her) red-handed, snuggling with another.

Your infatuation will disappear like a faded photograph, because your relationship is based on lies, self-interest, or some other superficiality. Perhaps your cunning True Blue is not so True.

Based on your responses, your future looks bleak. Unless, of course, this quiz is (hopefully) wrong.

If it isn't --


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