Will He (or She) Drop You like a Hot Potato?

A potato in free fall. That's you. Light and giddy, swept off your feet, dancing in mid-air.

Until the climax. At the end of your passion-filled soap opera, it's gonna be a hard fall. Your partner is signalling confusion, selfishness, and disinterest. Once he (or she) starts feeling cramped, or is swept off by another, it's bye-bye to you.

SPLAT goes Humpty-Dumpty. SPLAT goes a hot potato. And, unfortunately, SPLAT goes you.

Unless, of course, this quiz is false. Some of your responses do suggest some potential, as a couple. It could be too soon in your relationship to decide for sure.

But frankly, your results foretell suspicious hints of doubt, confusion, or non-communication. If that is true, free fall is destined to end soon.

And, when it does --



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