How Human are You?

How Human are You?

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Choose the appropriate answer to each question...
1. Have you ever gotten lost?
2. Did you ever shed tears watching the film "ET"?
3. Have you ever written a poem?
4. Have you ever written a story?
5. Have you ever talked in your sleep?
6. Have you ever experienced deja vu -- the feeling of having done something before?
7. Have you ever made a wish when blowing out candles?
8. Do you think life has a purpose?
9. Have you ever seen figures in the clouds?
10. Has your mind ever drifted for a long time in a daydream?

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Human Answers:

70 % or above ...You are human. Gifted and vulnerable. The heart in your chest is beating in tempo with the Earth.

30 - 60% ...You are sometimes human, often indifferent, occasionally perfect.

under 30 % ...You run on transistors. Your software is harnessed efficiently with a bionic mechanism. Your soul is electronic and controlled by templates.

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