Java Humor Quiz

Do you have a good sense of humor?

If you score 5 or better, you might get a Reward.

1. Do you like to be tickled?


When I was a kid, I sort of liked it.

Sure, why not!

I might get hives.

2. Do you have a short fuse?

Yup, but when I go BOOM...I explode in laughter!!

That question ticks me off.

Do I easily get angry? Unfortunately, I do.


3. Do people say you're too serious?

They wouldn't dare.

Just the opposite.



4. What kind of movie do you prefer?





5. Are you able to laugh at yourself?

No, but others will do it for me.

I laugh at others...but never at myself.

I have too much self-respect for that!!


6. Do you really hate to lose?

Depends on the game.

Of course!'s life. Ya gotta lose sometimes.

I only hate losers.

7. When your Crush is blue, what do you do?

I stop tormenting him (or her).


Try to see the lighter side.

Humor him (or her).

8. How many good jokes do you know?

Zero. Nadda. The Null Set.

Maybe one or two.

A few!

Only the dirty ones.

9. Do you sometimes laugh at embarassing moments?

What, like now?

No, I can always muffle it.

I am not easily embarassed.

Well, like...yeah!

10. Just really what do you think of this quiz?

Ha ha. It tickles.

I'm bored. Wake me up when it's over.

Too slow. Stupid. Sorry if I'm critical.

I really despise the way I'm doing!!

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