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I'd like to see a delivery service that you call up and can order any movie, some pizza, and a six pack of your favorite beer and have it delivered in less than thirty minutes or it's free. - Jen

A remote-controlled remote control. - Annonymous

Solar-Powered street lamps, all you would need to do is to get the sun to shine at night and you don't have to waste electricity on street lamps! - Helen

Canned water. It only comes in bottles. - Annonymous

Invisibility sweets - eat one and become totally invisible for 24 hours! - Annonymous

Phones that you can change accents with. You press a button and either you or the person you are talking to could have an Italian, German, French, etc. accent... - Annonymous

Silent vaccums! There must be a way, right? - Annonymous

Pants that have snaps so to make them shorts you pull them up and snap them in to place to make baggy shorts. - Kyle

Pants with water bottle holders, so when you're walking, you can just get a drink. - Win

Strawberry flavored mud. - Annonymous

Door bells that tell you who's at the door before you open it. - Annonymous

A Drive Thru gas station just like McDonalds, you pull up, pull pump to the window and pay and then ask for whatever else you need. Great for mothers who can't leave their kids in the car to go into the store. - Annonymous

An invisible leash for dogs kinda like the invisible fencing system that has a remote for the owner. - JHG

Eye drops that are contacts...they last for 8 hours. - Annonymous

A Hiemlich machine you can just stand inside of when you choke and it will perform the Heimlich maneuver. - Billy A

Contacts that are dark and work as sun glasses so you can tan without those icky pale sun glass marks around your eyes. - Char T

A tv remote that beeps when you can't find it, like the ones on phones. - Annonymous

Mayonnaise and Mustard in the same jar or squeeze bottle. I'd call it Maysterd. - Nathan H

Cupid contact lenses. They would make the wearer look as if he/she had cupids, hearts, or roses in his/her eyes. When a person of the opposite sex looked the wearer in the eyes, the onlooker would fall in love. Blinking would deactivate the contacts in case a person you weren't attracted to looked at you. To reactivate them, just blink again! - Annonymous

Lover feed it to your crush and he will fall in LOVE with the cook! - JS

Crush control pills. If you think you're getting a hopeless crush on someone that you have no chance with, just take the pill once a month and prevent heartbreak! - CS

Hot dogs w/chili already inside (they make cheesedogs like that) - SJS

Cottage cheese in yogurt sized containers. - Annonymous

Martial arts video game, where you can download a picture of yourself into the game system, and see yourself fighting. The video game would be interactive, so you can better your moves....a great workout and fun too. - Annonymous

Fig-filled Kit Kat bars - Annonymous

Telephone handset ear pads...when I am talking for a long time, my ear gets really sore, I would like to invent a nice cooshy soft ear pad to make long conversations more comfortable. - Annonymous

Vitamins for children in popcicles so they will want to take their vitamins every day because it will be a treat. - Annonymous

A program in which you type desirable characteristics for a mate. It will generate a virtual lover for you for a couple hours. That way you could have Brad Pitt with Shakespeare's words and just the right height. - Kitten

A watch with a daily planner, reminder, communicater and organizer! We could have appointments and emails, and all that stuff, all in one watch!!! - Annonymous

Large screens on the front and rear windows of vehicles so that when the driver speaks into a small microphone, what he/she says is displayed on the screen, such as, "Turn off your blinker, punk." - Beckie M.

A special machine that video records your dreams. We can call it "Dream-o-vision." - Jimmy M.

Solar powered window shades. When you go on vacation your plants will still get sunlight when a little solar powered motor opens the shades when the sun comes up. Then the shades will close at night when the sun goes down. - Janel R.


Peace Coupons. - Pat S.

Cover half the moon with reflecting aluminum foil (the side facing us) so we'll have "twilight" even when it's night. - Doug A.

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