How jealous are you?

Hurry! Go look in the mirror!

Your eyes are turning

It's important to realize the difference between "average" insecurity in a relationship (that's found in everyone, and is normal) and Jealousy.

Jealousy is an angry, aggressive and hurtful emotion, designed to wreak havoc and revenge. It is usually found in folks with low self-esteem, who cannot truly believe someone can deeply love them. So they experience an intense betrayal even over the slightest indication of their worst expectations. They grow eternally suspicious, become controlling and hypervigilent...but all to no avail.

Take heart. There is hope. Have a "head-to-heart" talk with yourself. Never resort to anger to resolve the problem. If your rules have been violated, try a rational approach by talking to your partner. If your suspicions hold some basis in reality, you must discuss this by calmly asserting how you feel. If you have been unfairly treated, work to straighten things out...or, if necessary, leave the relationship. Anger or whining will not bring back the love or the attention you deserve.

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