Are you able to be "just friends" with the opposite sex?

Let's face it: the opposite sex is complicated. You have two different bodies. Two different chromosomes. Two different cultures.

In addition, there's a strong chemical attraction, and you can't just flush it out with a bug repellent.

There's you. There's them. There's testosterone and estrogen.

If you strip away the gender details, and start with the person, your differences will morph into fun.

According to this quiz: You're good at seeing the person behind the gender, and to appreciate the complementaries that exist between you. You love to synthesize the mutual energy, yet able to keep your channels open to communicate without getting swept away.

In other words, you can make friends comfortably with the opposite sex. You're able to keep it on a friendship-level (if you desire) because of your intelligence, self-control, and respect for the other.

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