Java Kissing Quiz

Are you a good kisser?

Eight questions to discover your kissing ability!

1. Do you keep your breath usually clean?


2. What is your kissing "flavor" zone?

I like to experience a slow, enjoyable buildup
I relish a nice peck on the cheek
I prefer to hold my partner's jaw, and to squeeze
I like to respond, but not to initiate

3. Who would you most like to kiss?

a gigalo
a non-romantic friend
it doesn't really matter
a sweet, loving companion

4. What do you believe is most important in a good kiss?

style and technique
having fun
impressing the other so he (or she) will date me again
appearing cool and unafraid

5. What are you favorite kissing spots?

some or all of the above

6. Same question: What are your favorite kissing spots?

out in public
on the floor
on a soft cushion
standing up

7. What is most preferable?

our eyes open
our eyes shut
my eyes open
his (or her) eyes open

8. What is usually involved in your kissing?

rap music
lots of saliva
hugging, arm-cradling
strong force

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