Are you Lord of Light?
Are you Lord of Light?

Ten questions to see if you exude this super-power...

1. Do you "light up a room"?

I crawl in shadows

You could say people like me

I don't get out much

2. Are you handy at understanding people?

Pretty much

I am constantly fooled

3. How do you relate to yourself?

Like a best friend

I nag and scold

I am a stranger

4. Can you predict trends?

Often, yes

Often, no

Where is this topic heading?

5. Do you usually know what to say?

Can't talk, my foot's in the way

On most occasions

Varies widely

6. Do you guide certain people?

I do

Not really

7. What are you like?

Cheerful or positive

Up or down

Mad or sad

8. Do you give more than you receive?

I take what I can get

I try to be fair

9. Do you find meaning in life?

It's utterly pointless

I have tons of doubts

It's becoming clearer

10. Did your parents instill love and hope?

yes and no

mostly yes

mostly no

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