In Love...Are You an Open Book?

A Closed Book, you think before you speak and refrain from revealing yourself too soon.

You prefer to get to know someone -- especially a romantic prospect -- before letting it all hang out.

You are not necessarily distrustful or cynical...just a bit self-protective about your inner (and more vulnerable) emotional core.

You are probably more of a Realist than a Romantic. You have learned to hide your feelings until a foundation of mutual trust can be established.

You may be more introverted than an Open Book...or more mature and less naive.

It all depends on you, the individual, and the reasons for your reticence.

As long as you can be direct and natural with the right person at the right time, your strategy will be useful and secure.

But, if your strategy is based on selfishness or fear, you must learn to open yourself to Chapter One -- the one that reads, "Trust in Others and Yourself."

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