Do your "quirks" relate mutual love?

Seemingly-innocent "tics" or traits can often spell success (or failure) in a lasting romance.

Here's the evidence...

A highly-symmetrical face is often correlated with handsome (or gorgeous) features, powerful in mate-bonding.

Sensation-seekers are more prone to "spouse-swapping" or other adventures...and to divorce.

Science has shown mutually-pleasing "natural" odors in couples often signify healthy (or complementary) auto-immunity.

Night Owls tend to suffer health and psychological ailments.

Loud, chronic snoring can frequently indicate serious or disruptive health problems.

The final conclusion: your Mutual "Quirk" Factor is nothing to write home about. But... with luck, hopefully your quirks shall become "goosebumps" on Your Road to Bliss.

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