How Rational is Your View of the World?

How Rational is Your View of the World?
If you score over 70 %'re quite Rational!
Choose your answer to each question...
1. It is usually impossible to change one's emotions.
2. World peace is likely soon.
3. Some incompatibility will always exist in marriage.
4. I worry a lot about little things.
5. It makes me quite uncomfortable to be different.
6. I often postpone or avoid difficult chores.
7. I tend to be independent.
8. Punishing oneself for all mistakes is good preventive medicine.
9. Other people should always take care of our needs when they arise.
10. I don't feel it's necessary to always please others.

Score =
Rational responses:

A high score reveals an outlook that is rational and logical. A low score reveals an "emotional" or easily-influenced perspective.

Rational people accept that life has difficulties and responsibilities...but are cool and scientific about dealing with them. Emotional control and maturity often go hand-in-hand with this personality type.

Low-scorers tend to be emotional and find life more difficult than others. They often feel critical about personal qualities they dislike, or worry about what others may think of them.

It is difficult to be 100 % rational. No human being is a well-oiled machine. But it is necessary to keep an objective point of view to run efficiently in life.

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