Are you Sensitive?

If you got four waving folks, you're a sensitive soul. That can be wonderful if you hone it to your advantage. It can be difficult if you allow small things to bug you.

If you got five waving folks, you are very sensitive! That can be a double-edged sword. Your soul is keen and aware, but your feelings get hurt easily.

Question One: Tears represent the glistening "sweat" of deep feelings. Tender boundaries often will gush leaks.

Question Two: Being hurt is a hazard of being sensitive. Criticism can hurt.

Question Three: Sensitive people usually experience negative and positive feelings more acutely, so a tendency towards anger may indicate heightened sensitivity.

Question Four: The sensitive heart can often detect another's sad or happy feelings like powerful radar.

Question Five: Sensitive people feel more sharply than others. They tend to be creative and aware, and to get excited by laughter, music, and imagination.

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