Caressing a Man's Five 0'Clock Shadow: a Remote-Touch Illusion
When the images finally load, you should see a hand caressing a man's five o'clock shadow. To experience this tactile illusion, place your actual hand on a rough-textured surface (e.g., your mouse pad, a bristle board, etc). Position your hand in a style very similar to the hand shown on the screen. Slowly move your hand, rubbing it against the rough surface, in a similar manner. Use the same speed and direction as the hand depicted on the screen. Do not look at your own hand during this process; stare at the hand caressing the five o'clock shadow. After a while you should feel as if your own hand is the hand moving on the screen, "feeling" the man's rough facial hair. In other words, your hand will seem disembodied. The effect is made stronger if the actual surface under your hand is textured like stubble. This type of illusion works in about 50% of people who try it.
Screen Resolution of 640 x 480 is strongly recommended for this illusion.

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