Are you being used?

Careful... he (or she) could be USING you.

For a woman, that usually means sex, sex, sex. (If you think you're OK with that, you may regret it.) The female brain manufactures a "love" molecule (known as "oxytoxin") which infiltrates her physical relationships, causing an emotional "bond" even when she thinks she's being cool. (So if you're female, you could wind up falling for The Creep, shortly after sex.)

If you're a man, a female-user could be pursuing your money or status. (Or, in some cases, sex.) If you're happy with that, think twice. It could mean an unwanted pregnancy, a "jadedness" about sex, or a trip to The Poor House. At the very least, you'll be hurt, hurt, hurt.

If you think you can "change" him or're
wrong. That's a universal mistake people make...but, the truth is, love (when it's ONE-sided) DOESN'T conquer all. It just conquers you.

If you look deep, you may realize you've been involved with your user because of a fear of being alone. But, look at it THIS way: cutting loose from him (or her) can serve as a NEW find someone you DESERVE.

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