What's reflected in your Angel Mirror?

What's reflected in your Angel Mirror?

For each question, click the appropriate choice.
(If undecided, you can click more than one choice.)

Question One
Imagine a miracle. What form would the miracle take?

a magnificent morning with a cool, gentle breeze and beautiful garden
falling in love for the first time
a deep insight blending things into perspective
my body totally fused into action and motion

Question Two
How do you most like to trance out?

staring into a flame
dreaming by day or night
lost inside of a story
rolling or tumbling or laughing

Question Three
Who, below, has offered you the most guidance?

a beloved teacher
a close relative
a sports leader
a personal toucher

Question Four
Where do you go from here?

I have a plan
I push outward
I follow the wind
I heed intuition

Question Five
Rays of light are sent to you from inside of others. How do you experience them?

I discern them
They touch me
I reflect them
They energize me

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