What's Your Dream Color Aura?

What's Your Dream Color Aura?

For each question, click the appropriate choice.
(If undecided, you can click more than one choice.)

Question One
To start off, what's your favorite color?
1) red
2) blue
3) green
4) purple
5) yellow
6) brown
7) black

Question Two
What's your personal style with people?

1) down-to-earth
2) bold
3) dependable
4) talkative
5) moody
6) spontaneous
7) easy-going

Question Three
What are your most important traits?

1) rebellious
2) aggressive
3) detail-oriented
4) stable
5) optimistic
6) trustworthy
7) ingenious

Question Four
What's your "love" style?

1) affectionate
2) daring
3) self-absorbed
4) deep
5) friendly
6) funny
7) original

Question Five
What's your "sexual" style?

1) I think more about my partner than myself
2) I am slow and steady
3) I am energetic and easily-aroused
4) I am kinky
5) I am loving and nurturant
6) I focus on my personal pleasure
7) I am moderately passionate

Question Six
What do you most enjoy?

1) the outdoors
2) style and art
3) pursuing a dynamic goal
4) being cool or sophisticated
5) doing something healthy
6) letting myself go
7) peaceful meditation

Question Seven
How do you see yourself?

1) as bright and cheerful
2) as a nonconformist
3) as natural and people-oriented
4) as confident and direct
5) as comfortable or conservative
6) as visionary or aesthetic
7) as spiritual or gentle

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