Are you Cheap, Thrifty, Average or Generous?
Are you Cheap, Thrifty, Average or Generous?

For each question, click the appropriate choice.
(If undecided, you can click more than one choice.)

Question One
How much do you tip at a restaurant?
about 10 percent
about 15 percent
about 20 percent
a few coins

Question Two
If someone shovels snow two-feet-deep
off your driveway, what would you pay?

five or ten dollars
a dollar
couple of bucks
twenty dollars

Question Three
Check all that you have done...

chores for cash
volunteer work
lent money to a friend
cheated a fare

Question Four
What's your "spending" style?


Question Five
What's your "personal" style?

spoiled or selfish
lazy or slacking
thoughtful or secure
outgoing or carefree

Question Six
Check what applies...

I have attended free buffets to save money
I am a good listener and available to others
I often do the treating
I hunt for street bargains

Question Seven
What do you think about money?

I won't be happy without it
it's more important than friends
it's important, but not everything
it's nice to have, but not that important

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