Girl Cliques: Are you a Queen Bee, Floater, Target, Sidekick, Torn Bystander, Banker, or Wannabee?
What's Your "Clique Identity"?

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More info on "Clique Personalities" can be found in
Queen Bees & Wannabes, by Rosalind Wiseman

Question One
Choose the most truthful statement(s) --
1) I find it very hard to say "no" to friends
2) I am an easy-going person, not terribly sophisticated
3) I am eager to please those who are socially above me
4) I enjoy gossiping secretly about other girls
5) I can argue anyone into a corner if I need to
6) My best friend is the leader of a clique
7) I stand out in a misunderstood manner

Question Two
Choose the most truthful statement(s) --

1) I was one of the first in my group to focus on boys
2) I often tempt or seduce older boys through my sexuality
3) I enjoy being with boys but would not say that I'm obsessed with them
4) I think it would be hard for a boy to know the real me
5) I believe it would be unlikely for a guy to notice me
6) Most boys can be handled if you know their confessions
7) I need a boyfriend desperately to be fulfilled

Question Three
Choose the most truthful statement(s) --

1) I am often singled out for ridicule or humiliation by other girls
2) The girls in my group are afraid of me
3) I often will "suck up" to gain the approval of more sophisticated girls
4) I hang out exclusively with the more sophisticated girls in my group
5) I often must reluctantly choose some girls as my friends over others
6) I tend to make friends with other girls quite comfortably
7) I have developed a number of girls who are used for social contacts

Question Four
Choose the most truthful statement(s) --

1) social status is not a big deal for me
2) I have an "eye-for-an-eye" view of the world
3) I feel isolated and excluded from most people
4) It's important to be powerful or intimidating
5) It's necessary to have a cool style, fashion, clothes, etc.
6) I think the "real me" is more evident on a one-to-one basis
7) I have gleaned a lot of stuff about my peers' personal lives

Question Five
Choose the most truthful statement(s) --

1) I often behave in a manner to appear less bright than I really am
2) It's important to enforce the rules of a clique to quell most disputes
3) When I was young, I was selective about inviting the right people to my birthday parties
4) I am frequently helpless in the face of others' cruelty
5) People usually feel comfortable and safe around me
6) I believe it is necessary to adopt a social strategy with most people
7) I am often a messenger when there's a fight between two girls or groups of girls

Question Six
Choose the most truthful statement(s) --

1) I am fiercely loyal to a dominant girlfriend
2) People are often afraid of what I may tell others about them
3) I believe one's image is paramount, and tend to be cynical about relationships
4) I have learned to be sympathetic to people who are outcasts, because I know how it feels
5) I am insecure about friendships and often don't really know what I want
6) I often apologize for others' actions even when I know they're wrong
7) I like to avoid most conflicts...but I can be assertive if I need to be

Question Seven
Choose the most truthful statement(s) --

1) I secretly dislike the bossy girl who runs my group
2) I am often teased or scorned by peers
3) My telephone and email are my social lifelines
4) I am often bold, confident and blunt
5) I am strong when it comes to keeping others in line
6) I am rarely excluded from the important groups
7) I am not into "winning" most of my conversations

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