What's Your Ghost Telling You?
What's Your Ghost Telling You?

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Question One
Imagine you're alone in the darkness of your house. No lights. No candles. How would you feel?
cold sweat, heart palpitations, fear
somewhat uneasy, doubtful
calm, thoughtful, philosophical
I'd take a nap, watch TV

Question Two
Boo! It's Halloween. What do you think of this yearly ritual?

frightful fun
I hate it
my imagination is stimulated
it's kind of annoying

Question Three
What do you think of Psychic stuff, or The Unexplained?

All of it has a reasonable explanation
It's extremely interesting
I don't really know
That stuff is creepy

Question Four
You just tripped over a gravestone. Oh, it's got your name. What does the epitaph say?

I don't like this question
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
I Am Out of My Depths
It says that I was a nice person

Question Five
There's another Being inside of you, a Being possessed. What do you think it wants?

A good life for myself
Nothing of interest
To reveal great truths
Something awful

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