What kind of Gift or Toy is your Partner?
What kind of Gift or Toy is your Partner?

For each question, click the appropriate choice.
(If undecided, you can click more than one choice.)

Question One
Which description best fits your crush?
1) rough and ready
2) take charge leader
3) easily led
4) romantic and kind
5) intellectual type
6) kind of a drip

Question Two
What do you like best about your True Blue?

1) his ideas about the world
2) his evil character
3) his compliant nature
4) his affection
5) his physical prowess
6) his ability to solve problems

Question Three
What do his friends think about him?

1) he's good to fool
2) he's a great friend
3) he's good at sports
4) he likes to get involved
5) he's a practical joker
6) he's quite philosophical

Question Four
What gift from you would he really love?

1) hiking boots, bike helmet, etc.
2) sneakers, football tickets, etc.
3) a poem from me, pajamas, etc.
4) loafers, pottery, etc.
5) good book, software, etc.
6) beer, cigarettes, etc.

Question Five
What gift would he most likely give you?

1) flowers, teddy bear, etc.
2) can opener, comic book, etc.
3) something I picked out
4) lingerie, ski stuff, etc.
5) nonfiction, computer, etc.
6) vacation trip, furniture repair, etc.

Question Six
If your lover had a power "button" enhancer attached, where would it be?

1) on his head
2) on his back
3) on his groin
4) on his muscles
5) on his heart
6) just about everywhere

Question Seven
What does he most like to talk about?

1) life, helping out, the military, etc.
2) his allergies, his mother, getting good grades, etc.
3) fights, sex, tricking others, etc.
4) sports, his job, competition, etc.
5) science, psychology, literature, etc.
6) your feelings, love, having fun, etc.

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