What Will Your Kid be Like? A Quiz Stop Quiz!

What Will Your Kid be Like?

A Checklist of Your Parenting Preferences:

Click the most fitting descriptions
of your current attitudes and goals...

If undecided, you can click more than one box for each question.

When it comes to discipline, I will...
be powerful and insistent
be firm but fair
obey my children
leave it up to my spouse

When it comes to learning, I will...
inspire and reward
stress the importance
be soft and yielding
just let it be

When it comes to my kid's teenage friends...
I will ask questions
I will conduct an interview
I will hang out with them
I will avoid them

Regarding teen "curfews" at night...
I will establish the strictest limits
I will negotiate carefully
I will set down fair boundaries
I don't wish to keep track

When it comes to the topic of sex...
I will be honest and open
I will be shy about bringing it up
I will discuss it moralistically
I will let the chips fall

As a potential role model, I honestly believe...
I have many gaps
I set a good example
I'm a tough act to live up to
I could care less

In general, kids...
are often useful
frequently scare me
usually delight me
are pests

When it comes to personal time or availability...
I would rely on competent babysitters
I would see to their basic needs
I would be there in earnest
I would be at their beck and call

My kids are (or would be)...
an important investment
a cherished resource
not my most crucial concern
how I am defined

When it comes to parental attitude...
I would be loving
I would be pragmatic
I would be uncertain
I would be distant

My overall feelings would be...
pride and discovery
growth and happiness
boredom and irritation
doubt and fear

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