What is your "Love Finder" Personality Style?
What is your "Love Finder" Personality Style?

For each question, click the appropriate choice.
(If undecided, you can click more than one choice.)

Question One
Which description best fits your personality?
1) hot, assertive
2) adaptable, friendly
3) boring, angry
4) persistent, quiet

Question Two
Which activities have you often participated in?

1) drugs, drinking, obsessive thoughts, etc.
2) helping co-workers, chatting on the phone, school newspaper, etc.
3) clubs, dances, parties, acting, etc.
4) family events, creative writing, volunteer work, etc.

Question Three
What do you want on a date?

1) doesn't matter
2) a good listener
3) lots of fun
4) a sweet soul

Question Four
How many close friends do you have?

1) four or more
2) a few close, and loads of contacts
3) one, two, or three
4) none

Question Five
What's your calendar like?

1) organized, flexible
2) kind of blank
3) busy, but open
4) crammed

Question Six
What is your most delightful "fantasy" scenario?

1) being a sleek fish in an underwater Heaven, silently reeled in by You-Know-Who
2) being a penniless beggar, saved from the alleys by a rich stranger
3) being a gorgeous spider, unleashing a strong "pleasure" web on my "victim"
4) a mutual glance across a moonlit room, and suddenly...magic

Question Seven
What's your worst fear in love?

1) not being able to have children
2) being left behind, beaten, or deserted
3) my partner losing his (or her) sex drive
4) my partner getting sick or dying

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