Your Brain - Under the Microscope

This is your Brain.

This is your Brain
under a Microscope.

What portion of your Emotional Brain requires further study?
Which part is predominant?

For each question, click the appropriate choice.
(If undecided, you can click more than one choice.)

Question One
What is a common state of mind for you?
happy, calm, bright, or joyful
regretful, sighing, bored, or sad
picked on, resentful, disgusted, or holding a grudge
stressed, hurried, pressed, or worried

Question Two
Suppose a friend pulled a dirty trick on you, but (later) apologized. How do you think you'd feel a month afterward?

unfluttered, forgiving, or clear-minded
hurt, disappointed, or troubled
angry, irritated, or free of friend
careful (about future friends), cautious, or distrustful

Question Three
What if you were in a difficult or hostile environment. What would be your most likely "coping mechanism?"

controlled anger or toughness
hopelessness or diminished expectations
submissiveness or bending over backwards
cool action or friendliness

Question Four
Consider your most recent memory of a strong event. Emotionally, what is the tone of this memory?

feeling put upon, feeling targeted, or feeling fierce
feeling embarassed, feeling shy, or feeling tense
feeling grateful, feeling pleased, or feeling alive
feeling frustrated, feeling left out, or feeling blue

Question Five
How do you feel about the last year or two?

kind of bitter
kind of unhappy
kind of pleased
kind of anxious

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