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others depend on me
I am not easily upset
I am the humorist of the group
I like to reflect
I act quick on my feet
I often fake it
I am strong and determined
I can easily flirt
I am usually on time
sci-fi is a strong interest
I am good at persuading others
I am the life of the party
I often shoplift
I sacrifice for others
I am a great joke-teller
I often must get out of difficult situations
I really like helping others
I am good at making important decisions
I have a bold fashion sense
I make plans and firmly keep them
often my friends do not really trust me
I laugh more than most people
I love taking risks
I am serious about learning
I often cram, successfully, at the last minute
I am a strong optimist
science fascinates me
others frequently amuse me
I often put others first
I am more secretive than most
I am friendlier than most people
I am a hard worker
I prefer comedy to suspense
I think outside the box
I am more patient than most
I am into ideas
I am more self-assertive than most
I am more strong-willed than most
I am extremely easy-going
I trust very few people
my reflexes are faster than most
I read more than most
I like dressing up to stand out
I break the law more than most
I am a leader
I know myself quite well
I think life is more hilarious than most
I am more understanding than most
I like playing harmless practical jokes
I am rarely taken by surprise
I am a big fan of PBS or documentaries
I am more surprising than most
I am more encouraging than most
I am funkier than most
I could be a great spy
I am more successful than most

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