The 7 Prime Instincts: Which one is yours?
The 7 Prime Instincts:
Which one is yours?

For each question, click the appropriate choice.
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Question One
Fantasy Scenario: You're out surfing with your spouse
and kids, and suddenly the highest wave you've ever seen
is approaching. How would you react?

1) at first with fear, then with laughter.
2) mostly with fear in the pit of my stomach.
3) I would hold closely onto my partner.
4) I would watch out for the children.
5) I would become emotionless, sharp and clear.
6) I would murmur a swift prayer.
7) I would adopt a fierce resolve.

Question Two
Stress Test: What's your most frequent coping mechanism?

1) food or drink.
2) faith or hope.
3) fantasy or sex.
4) family or friends.
5) working out.
6) thinking of solutions.
7) joking about it.

Question Three
Fantasy Scenario: You're running to become President.
What is your "pitch" to the country?

1) If you look at the facts on record, and my credentials, your choice will be evident.
2) Elect me to create a nation of human values, trust, and brotherhood.
3) We need a strong and determined leader at home and abroad: you must decide.
4) Elect me to protect your streets, neighborhoods, and cities from fear and crime.
5) Select me as a candidate who will encourage a world of peace, hope and transcendant spirit.
6) Choose a down-to-earth soul who lusts for life, and who'll give Freedom a chance.
7) If you elect me, I'll wear your trust as a badge of leadership...even on my pajamas!

Question Four
What's at the top of your list of "Things to Do"?

1) plan a future.
2) raise a family.
3) set powerful goals.
4) find a lover.
5) build a safe haven.
6) discover hidden values.
7) swear not to make lists.

Question Five
Fantasy Scenario: Your son or daughter falls and
gets a boo boo. What do you do?

1) the best policy is to ignore it, unless otherwise suggested.
2) discuss kindly how sometimes "bad" things can happen to nice people, even kids.
3) hug and tightly caress with soothing sounds.
4) kick the ground and shout, "Naughty ground, naughty!"
5) experience a strong adrenaline surge, and rush to his or her side.
6) kiss the boo boo and say, "There, there, it's ok..."
7) smile and take a moment to make light of it.

Question Six
Fantasy Scenario: You have just had a serious argument with
your partner. How would you react or feel?

1) schedule some "make up" time in bed.
2) worry that it may be the end of your relationship.
3) find a quiet place to meditate.
4) wait and chill, then poke fun at the situation.
5) marshall your thoughts to work out this problem.
6) take time out, relax with the baby.
7) steam for hours.

Question Seven
What is your most pleasurable memory?

1) a triumph over challenge.
2) total laughter about something.
3) being in my mother's arms.
4) discovering a new idea.
5) being held and comforted.
6) a special sunrise, or a moment in nature.
7) physical or sexual abandon.

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