What is your Future Profession?
What is your Future Profession?

For each question, click the appropriate choice.
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Question One
Which description best fits your personality?
1) leader
2) like kids
3) enjoy chess
4) quiet, steady

Question Two
Which activities do you most enjoy?

1) learning about math, history, etc.
2) helping others, volunteering
3) debate, intensive projects
4) reading, daydreaming

Question Three
What do you most prefer in life?

1) mental stimulation, hobbies
2) human contact, fun
3) a strong income, travel
4) comfort, security

Question Four
What are your future plans?

1) college or graduate degree
2) law or business degree
3) high school diploma
4) academic or advanced degree

Question Five
What's your work ethic?

1) organized, detailed
2) precise, deliberate
3) open, relaxed
4) driving, motivated

Question Six
What is your favorite childhood game?

1) hide-and-seek
2) checkers
3) king of the mountain
4) tag

Question Seven
What's your strongest trait?

1) calmness
2) curiosity
3) aggresiveness
4) sympathy

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