Are you a . or ? or ! or -- ?
Are you a . or ? or ! or -- ?

For each question, click the appropriate choice.
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Question One
What is your most natural (or preferred) mode of behavior?
reading a good book or meditating
always on the go, keeping busy
worrying or being doubtful, wondering what to do
making strong plans for the future, leading and directing others

Question Two
Your friend or acquaintance has met with sudden tragedy. What is
your most likely reaction?

wondering how this sort of thing could have happened, asking why
feeling strong anger, with determination that the same fate won't happen to you
taking it in stride as calmly as possible, making arrangements to go to the funeral, etc.
calling up a lot of friends or neighbors, jogging to calm your nerves

Question Three
What type of sport do you most like to watch or participate in?

golf, pool
basketball, racing, polo
chess tournament, checkers, backgammon
football, the Olympics

Question Four
How would most people tend to describe you?

quick and active
tense or doubtful
calm and centered
loud and strong-willed

Question Five
What is your favorite TV Game Show?

Price is Right
The Weakest Link
no time to watch

Question Six
Your signature is most often...

large, bold
rushed, illegible
light, uneven
neat, legible

Question Seven
How would you describe yourself?

thoughtful, questioning
aggressive, determined
active, hyper
level-headed, straight

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