A Story of Hidden Meanings
A Story of Hidden Meanings
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You are lost on a journey through a grey desert. You come across a large mound on which grows a delicious fruit-bearing tree. As you pause to eat the life-giving food, the tree's mound seems to quake with inner life. The mound has an emotion inside of it. What is the emotion?
As you resume your odyssey, a bolt of lightning charges out of the sky as if in answer to a prayer. As it strikes you, a rush of power fills your being. What is the one quality you would describe for the energy that you feel?
Still lost on your journey, a shadowy figure appears from out of nowhere. The cloaked figure gives you directions on how to escape from the barren wasteland. This cloaked figure is someone you know...but who? Take a guess:
Finally your journey suddenly and ultimately comes to an end. Was the ending good or bad?
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