How Will Your Tomestone Read?
What Will Be Your Epitaph?

An old quiz in a new guise...

A Checklist of Your Personality Traits
Click the most accurate descriptions of yourself...
forceful in attitude
sentimental in heart
dreamful of love
inspired in mood
interested in finances
logical in mind
devoted in relationships
aggressive in tone
ambitious for prosperity
touched in feelings
otherworldly in spirit
keen in intellect
kind and caring
strong and principled
loving and sexual
inventive and original
geekish and smart
possessive and acquisitive
I tend to be assertive
I tend to be practical
I tend to be sensual
I tend to enjoy luxury
I tend to be thoughtful
I tend to be easily hurt
ideas intrigue me
math interests me
strength fascinates me
emotions envelope me
objects protect me
hearts endear me
I am headstrong
I do not think about God
I am good at finding explanations
I love pleasing my partner
I like to think of new things
I can often sense another's feelings
I ponder the stars
I think of surprises
I defend the weak
I treasure my possessions
I am good at details
I love good poetry

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