Are You Lucky in Love?

Your record, so far, is smeared by cranky luck.

But that doesn't mean that your love chart is destined to stagger forever.

Some luck is inescapable, but often temporary.

Sometimes a bad streak can alter its path through an act of consistent will.

Let's hope that your luck changes soon.


According to psychologist Robert Wiseman, who has studied lucky (and unlucky) people, the best way to increase one's luck in life is to:

Maximize chance opportunities. Lucky people are "skilled at creating, noticing and acting upon chance networking, adopting a relaxed attitude to life and being open to new experiences.

"Listen to your hunches. Lucky people tend to trust their intuition and gut feelings...find ways to 'clear the mind' for intuition by meditating, finding a quiet place or deciding to return to the problem later.

"Expect good fortune...keep striving and stay positive despite failure.

"Unlucky individuals in Wiseman's study were more inclined to give up." (Bob Condor, Chicago Tribune).

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