In Love...Are You an Open Book?

As an Open Book, you are natural, unpretentious, and revealing.

The Open Book is a trustful soul, offering to friends and strangers the benefit of the doubt. Usually you state what's on your mind and relate personal facts candidly. You don't like to be a puzzle to figure out, and you prefer your Significant Other to be open and obvious in return.

You wear your emotions on the surface of your personality for the world to see. It's a beautiful trait -- honest and delightful -- and it's You.

Although you prefer to relate to another Open can also relate to a Closed Book, if the latter is real and respectful of you, and you have the patience to peel away the outer layers.

The only disadvantage of being an Open Book is that dishonest people could take advantage of your trusting nature.

You must balance your open self with a mature eye towards potential deceit.

If you are strong as well as open, you are the nicest person to fall in love with.

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