How sensuous are you?

You scored on the high side of sensuality. According to Dr. Louis Janda, Ph.D., sensuality is not by itself related to frequency of sexual fantasies nor to the importance of sex in one's life. People high in sensuality usually enjoy the process of intimacy, as much as the end result. (Touching and caressing are high on the list.)

Not surprisingly, women have been found to be more sensuous than men. The majority of sensual folk enjoy tactile stimulation, rich and succulent food, and the smell of freshly cut grass. They like to touch and be touched.

Frequently being hedonistic in nature, one possible negative for the highly sensuous person is the temptation to abuse mood-altering drugs or to over-eat. (But only in those cases of sensual excess or lack of impulse-control.)

The upside is usually an intense joy of life, spiked by a joyous spontaneity.

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