What's your BRAIN TEASER quotient?

Question One...twenty-one cigarettes. Smoking sixteen cigarettes leaves sixteen butts, which he rolls into four more cigarettes. Smoking those four leaves four butts, so he rolls (and smokes) another. Total: twenty-one.

Question Two...two rungs are submerged, just as before. When the water level goes down, so does the boat. Since the ladder is attached to the boat, two rungs will always stay submerged.

Question Three...none of the above. Roosters are male, so they don't lay eggs!!

Question Four...the second native is telling the truth, and the third native is lying. All Truth-sayers must answer the question, "Are you a Truth-sayer or a Liar?" by telling the truth ("I am a Truth-sayer.") By the same token, however, a Liar must always answer the same question by also stating "I am a Truth-sayer." (Same response!) Consequently, the second native was telling the truth about the first, and the third native was lying.

Question Five...great-granddaughter. Your nephew's niece is your sister's granddaughter, so she would be your father's great-granddaughter.

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